Global Coalition Progress in Iraq and Syria

They are also on the back foot online, Daesh’s media capabilities are diminishing. Their propaganda output has reduced to less than half of what it was, in October their output was 85% less than it was at their peak in January 2015.

But Daesh has not been beaten yet. This means we will continue to work with partner forces in both Iraq and Syria to combat Daesh, and to help stabilise liberated areas. In the last 8 weeks, Coalition partners have pledged $1 billion for humanitarian assistance, demining, and stabilisation needs in Iraq and Syria for 2018.

Coalition’s role in numbers


  • Almost 10,000 members of our local partners have been trained in Syria
  • $706m in humanitarian aid and stabilisation support dispersed in Syria so far in 2017
  • Our partner Germany recently gave an additional €10m for demining in Raqqa
  • Our partner the UK recently gave a £10m package to support the people of Raqqa
  • France recently gave an additional €10m in support in the Raqqa area
  • Led by our partner the US, over 830 metric tonnes of aid has now been delivered to Raqqa


  • 124,000 Iraqi Security Forces have been trained by the Coalition
  • $581.4m in humanitarian aid and stabilisation dispersed in Iraq so far in 2017
  • 1,144 stabilisation projects are currently ongoing in Iraq

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Featured image: Children in Mosul start a day of classes in a rehabilitated school


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