On 2nd December, at a meeting of senior diplomatic representatives from the Small Group of the Global Coalition to Defeat Daesh/ISIS, Belgian Deputy Prime-Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sophie Wilmès, and U.S. Acting Special Envoy for the Global Coalition, John Godfrey, announced the launch of the Coalition’s Africa Focus Group. Read more.

What is the Coalition?

The Global Coalition against Daesh was formed in September 2014 and is unique in its membership, scope and commitment. Together, the Global Coalition is committed to degrading and ultimately defeating Daesh.

The Coalition’s 85 members are committed to tackling Daesh on all fronts, to dismantling its networks and countering its global ambitions. Beyond the military campaign in Iraq and Syria, the Coalition is committed to: tackling Daesh’s financing and economic infrastructure; preventing the flow of foreign terrorist fighters across borders; supporting stabilisation and the restoration of essential public services to areas liberated from Daesh; and countering the group’s propaganda.


Readout of the Political Directors Small Group Meeting of the Global Coalition to Defeat Daesh/ISIS

Senior diplomatic representatives from the Small Group of the Global Coalition to Defeat Daesh/ISIS met today in a virtual setting to discuss the global campaign against Daesh/ISIS. U.S. Acting Special Envoy for the Global Coalition John Godfrey provided an update on progress in Iraq and Syria, and outlined the Coalition’s focus on defeating…

'We as a team are diverse. As a team, we bridge divisions.'

@UNDPinIraq trained hundreds of local organisations across Iraq 🇮🇶 in peacebuilding and solving issues within diverse communities. Hear participants describe their experience:
#TogetherForIraq @Zena_aliahmad

Our combined efforts have defeated ISIS militarily, decimated its leadership, & diminished its financial resources & online influence. Together w/ our partners, we remain committed to ensuring the lasting defeat of ISIS & promoting regional stability. #AntiterrorismAwarenessMonth https://twitter.com/USArmy/status/1558455867363807238

'Threats from terrorist organisations are far from over. More international cooperation is needed to counter these threats.'
@GhadyGElKhoury of @Mofalebanon describes how Lebanon 🇱🇧 embodies @Coalition values, and its successes against Daesh.

'They are sweeping areas and preventing Daesh from forming sleeper cells.'

Operation Inherent Will is a targeted operation that draws together a range of Iraqi forces to share intel and stand together in removing Daesh hideouts. See more: #DefeatDaesh @iraqicts

'We witnessed many conflicts, specifically in 2014. So we collectively decided to make sure these kinds of conflicts don't happen again.'

See more about @UNDPinIraq's Youth & Women for Peace Groups: #YouthDay

Karamless Park in Al Hamdaniya has been rehabilitated!
Damaged by ISIL, it was rehabilitated by the Funding Facility for Stabilization with @USAID's support. It will contribute to improving the well-being of communities living in Karamless. Today, it serves over 3,000 Iraqis.

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Preventing Violent Extremism Project

Young entrepreneurs and religious leaders receive training on sustainable peace in 30 villages through the UNDP Preventing Violent Extremism project. #TogetherForIraq

Eight years on, we remember Daesh’s atrocities in Sinjar

Eight years on, we remember the survivors and victims of Daesh's atrocities in Sinjar #August3rd. Today, a range of organisations provide practical support for survivors. The Coalition stands with the people of Sinjar in its mission to…

How has Slovakia contributed to the Global Coalition’s Mission?

Slovakia has contributed to the Global Coalition Against Daesh mission through social, economic, and humanitarian efforts in the liberated areas across Syria and Iraq.

In Focus, counter hate speech

As an active citizen and a peacebuilder, how can you counter hate speech and terrorists’ propaganda on line? Watch to learn more!

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