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Weekly digest

Russian Daesh fighter arrested in Albania
Authorities in Albania arrested this week a Russian national accused of fighting for Daesh against Syrian government forces, according to Arab News. The 34-year-old man, identified as R.M., will be extradited to Russia after entering the country illegally. According to the police statement, Albania’s anti-terror unit had spent several months locating and identifying the Russian national wanted by Interpol Moscow.
Italy takes back citizen accused of fighting for Daesh
According to Asharq Al-Awsat, at least three people were killed and another four wounded by three mortar bombs that were fired at Shirqat in northern Iraq. Police say they believe the attacks were carried out by Daesh and, operating in the nearby mountains from where the mortars were fired. Daesh have recently conducted a number of hit-and-run attacks in Iraq.
Dutch Daesh fighter on trial in the Netherlands
A Dutch man who joined Daesh is on trial in the Netherlands for war crimes committed in Syria and Iraq. Reuters reported the man had posed for pictures alongside crucified bodies and had shared images of dead bodies online. It is the first time a Netherlands court has dealt with war crimes committed by a Daesh member.
Iraqi paramilitaries ‘tightening noose’ around Daesh

According to Rudaw, the Hashd Al-Shaabi paramilitary group has launched attacks against Daesh in Khanaqin, Diyala province. They said the aim of the operation was to secure the security vacuum between Kurdish and Iraqi security forces which had been exploited by Daesh and other militant groups.

On the line: UNDP Stabilisation in Mosul

The first episode of the Global Coalition against Daesh’s new podcast interviewed Jim Sawatzky and Hugo de Vries. Both men work for the UNDP in Mosul and spoke to our official coalition representative Nancy Jamal about their work. They offered insight into stabalistion projects and what can be done to rehabilitate after Daesh.

What is the Coalition?

The Global Coalition against Daesh was formed in September 2014 and is unique in its membership, scope and commitment. Together, the Global Coalition is committed to degrading and ultimately defeating Daesh.

The Coalition’s 80 members are committed to tackling Daesh on all fronts, to dismantling its networks and countering its global ambitions. Beyond the military campaign in Iraq and Syria, the Coalition is committed to: tackling Daesh’s financing and economic infrastructure; preventing the flow of foreign terrorist fighters across borders; supporting stabilisation and the restoration of essential public services to areas liberated from Daesh; and countering the group’s propaganda.

On The Line, Episode 2

Military: Major General Chris Ghika

Major General Chris Ghika, "On The Line" Podcast Series, Episode 2

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Major General Chris Ghika of @CJTFOIR joined @RepCoalition on this week's episode of #OnTheLine. If you missed the pod, listen here 👇🎧

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#TBT: Abdullah Samah is able to play his instruments freely once again since Iraq was liberated from Daesh. Watch him now 🎻🎼🎹

🎧 Missed Monday’s episode of #OnTheLine podcast, featuring Maj. Gen. Chris Ghika? (@oirdcom) Catch up here: https://t.co/XkUAuZkUmM

The provision of healthcare is an important part of stabilisation. Partners and international organisations such as @UNICEF are working to provide important vaccinations to children in Syria

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