The Global Coalition against Daesh was formed in September 2014 and is unique in its membership, scope and commitment. Together, the Global Coalition is committed to degrading and ensuring Daesh’s enduring defeat.

The Coalition’s 85 members are committed to tackling Daesh on all fronts, to dismantling its networks and countering its global ambitions. Beyond the military campaign in Iraq and Syria, the Coalition is committed to: tackling Daesh’s financing and economic infrastructure; preventing the flow of foreign terrorist fighters across borders; supporting stabilisation and the restoration of essential public services to areas liberated from Daesh; and countering the group’s propaganda


The Global Coalition is assisting the Iraqi government as it stabilises areas liberated from Daesh’s control and provides governance, security, and essential services to people in need. Ensuring that  citizens who have fled areas previously controlled by Daesh can voluntarily return home in safety to rebuild their communities is essential to reconciliation and inclusive governance in Iraq. To this end, the Coalition has committed funds to the UN Development Program’s (UNDP) Funding Facility for Immediate Stabilization (FFIS), which supports immediate needs in liberated areas.

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Tackling Daesh’s propaganda, and its destructive and hateful messages, is critically important to the success of the Global Coalition’s efforts. Daesh’s use of social media tied to acts of terror is well-documented. In response, the Coalition is committed to exposing the falsehoods that lie at the heart of Daesh’s ideology, and to present a positive, alternative future for the region.

Coalition partners are committed to an effective and unified Coalition messaging and counter-messaging effort to oppose Daesh’s narrative and to undermine the appeal of its ideology; to assisting and amplifying credible and authentic voices from the region and beyond; and to supporting the aspirations of people across the region who seek a moderate and modern future of stability, dignity and opportunity. The Coalition works with the Tech industry to prevent harmful material being uploaded, shared and consumed.

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Military Progress

The Global Coalition is committed to defeating and destroying Daesh by denying it safe haven. Over the last 2 years, the Global Coalition against Daesh has intensified that effort and has made significant progress in its campaign to degrade and remove this abhorrent terrorist group.

Through a combination of counter-terrorist military strikes, advising and assisting the Iraqi government to plan and execute ground operations against Daesh, training and equipping Iraqi Security Forces, and through training appropriately vetted opposition forces in Syria, the Coalition has helped local partners push Daesh out of nearly all the territory it controlled in the region.

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The Global Coalition is committed to tackling the threat posed by foreign terrorist fighters travelling to join Daesh or travelling from former Daesh-held territories to other countries. The Counter-Daesh Coalition Working Group on Foreign Terrorist Fighters, co-led by the Netherlands, Turkey and the United States, is working with Coalition partners to implement the obligations and recommendations set out in in UN Security Council Resolution 2178, passed in September 2014. This resolution requires countries to take steps to counter foreign terrorist fighters, expanding current obligations under international law and strengthening international measures that prevent suspected foreign terrorist fighters from travelling, that disrupt financial support to foreign terrorist fighters, and that further strengthen international and regional co-operation mechanisms.

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The Global Coalition is engaged in a comprehensive campaign to disrupt and prevent Daesh from raising, moving and using funds. Together, the Coalition’s 85 members have taken measures to prevent Daesh’s use of the international financial system by designating – domestically, regionally and through existing UN Security Council resolutions – Daesh’s senior leaders, facilitators and financiers, freezing their assets and making it more costly and more difficult for them to do business. At least 65 countries have prosecuted or arrested Foreign Terrorist Fighters or Foreign Terrorist Fighter facilitators.

The Coalition has also sought to counter Daesh’s efforts to exploit the economic assets and resources of the Iraqi and Syrian people. The Coalition’s precision air strikes against Daesh-controlled oil fields, infrastructure, and transportation assets have disrupted a primary source of revenue for the group.

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