Countering Daesh’s Propaganda

The Coalition is working together to disrupt Daesh’s ability to operate online. Daesh’s use of digital media tied to acts of terror is well-documented. The Coalition seeks to contest the information space in which Daesh operates and to ensure that the contraction of the group’s territory is followed by its ideological defeat. In October 2017, Daesh’s propaganda output was 85% less that it was in August 2015.

The Coalition is also working with the tech industry to reduce the spread of Daesh propaganda online. It supports the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism, an industry-led forum that aims to share expertise on removing terrorist and extremist content from platforms and promote CVE in partnership with governments and civil society.

The Coalition’s Communications Working Group co-ordinates and coalesces the strategic communications approaches of Coalition members; fosters external partnerships to amplify the reach and impact of the international community’s efforts to degrade Daesh propaganda; and builds resilience in vulnerable audiences.

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