Countering Foreign Terrorist Fighters – Progress Update

United Nations Security Council Resolution 2178, adopted at the UN Security Council in September 2014 provided the framework for this effort. In line with that resolution, 40 countries have either passed or updated existing laws to more effectively identify and prosecute foreign terrorist fighters. 38 countries have reported arresting suspected foreign terrorist fighters, of which 30 have brought charges and 20 successfully prosecuted the suspects. 55 international partners have concluded information-sharing arrangements with the United States to identify and track the travel of suspected terrorists. 58 countries and the United Nations now contribute foreign terrorist fighter profiles to INTERPOL. At least 23 countries have completed national action plans to counter terrorism and violent extremism, and 11 have launched programs to counter radicalisation and recruitment of foreign fighters in their countries.  Measures include de-radicalisation centers and hot-lines. In the last 18 months, Turkey alone deported more than 3,500 suspected foreign terrorist fighters and denied entry to 2,200 more.

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