World Press Freedom Day – May 3rd 2020

World Press Freedom Day on 3 May provides an opportunity to pay tribute to journalists for the vital role they play in society today. This year’s theme of ‘Journalism without Fear or Favour’ is particularly relevant to journalists reporting on the frontline of conflict.

There’s no greater and more dangerous conflict than the fight against Daesh. Despite its so-called ‘territory defeat’, Daesh remains a threat and continues to seek to exploit and manipulate media coverage through its propaganda, attempting to fill the communications space with disinformation and calls for terror attacks.  

The courageous reporting by independent media outlets and journalists is essential in countering Daesh’s pernicious narrative and giving a voice to those previously abused and silenced by the group. We pay tribute to their reporting, which highlights the horror of life under Daesh and the group’s continuing threat, and shows the resilience of those in Iraq and Syria now liberated from Daesh.

To mark the Day, we have selected a collection of recent articles, documentaries and books to illustrate the crucial work of journalists in the fight against Daesh.

 Articles and books

‘Rescuers scour Syria for Yazidis still trapped in enslavement’ – Elizabeth Hagedorn [@ElizHagedorn], Middle East Eye [4 March 2020]

How local activists are reviving life in Raqqa’ – Rana al-Ahmde, Al-Monitor [@AlMonitor] (9 February 2020)

ISIS Is Now Harder to Track Online—but That’s Good News’ – Rita Katz [@Rita_Katz], Wired (16 December 2019)

5 years after Islamic State massacre, an Iraqi minority is transformed by trauma’ – Tutku Ayhan and Güneş Murat Tezcür, The Conversation [@ConversationUK] (26 November 2019)

‘How one girl’s survival should inspire us all’ – Mirza Dinnayi, CNN [@CNN] (25 November 2019)

‘Where does Islamic State remain a danger?’ – Deborah Haynes [@haynesdeborah], Sky News (23 March 2019)

‘Good Riddance to the Islamic State’The Telegraph [@Telegraph] (23 March 2019)                        

‘Mosul Recovery: The heart of Mosul’s old bazaars is back’Mosul Eye [@MosulEye] (8 January 2019)

‘Father of Lions: How One Man Defied Isis and Saved Mosul Zoo’ – Louise Callaghan [@louiseelisabet], Head of Zeus (2019)

‘I was an Isis sex slave. I tell my story because it is the best weapon I have’ – Nadia Murad [@NadiaMuradBasee], The Guardian (6 October 2018)


Tracking IS from Syria to the Philippines’ – Quentin Somerville [@somervilletv], BBC (9 February 2020)

‘After IS group rule, war-torn Iraqi city of Mosul looks to future’France24 [@FRANCE24] (3 January 2020)

Women of ISIL: Life Inside the Caliphate – Thomas Dandois, Al Jazeera [@AJEnglish] (26 September 2019)


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