World Press Freedom Day 2021: journalist safety toolkit. #BeHeard

This year’s UNESCO World Press Freedom Day theme “Information as a Public Good” focusses on the “indisputable importance of verified and reliable information” and exploring what can be done in the production, distribution and reception of content to ensure journalists can #BeHeard.

During Daesh occupation of regions in Iraq and Syria, local citizen journalists such as Mosul Eye provided a first-hand view to the world of the terror group’s horrific actions, risking their lives to tell the stories of their beloved communities. They provide insight which shows Daesh’s propaganda as hypocritical and empty, and through exposing Daesh’s lies, play a vital role in exposing the cynicism at the heart of Daesh’s operations.

To ensure these vital sources can report as safely as possible the Global Coalition has compiled a list of existing tools available online, many of which are completely free.

Physical Safety – guides to help journalists report with minimal risks to their physical wellbeing.

Psychological Safety – tools to safeguard from trauma and harassment online

Digital Security – tools to help journalists improve their digital security and reduce online threats

Social Media – guides for navigating threats on social media platforms

Courses – for developing a range of skills, ensuring personal safety, and raising awareness of a variety of issues online

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