What are the objectives of France and its partners within the Global Coalition against Daesh?

Military action to eliminate the Daesh terrorist organization

France has been carrying out Operation Chammal within the framework of the coalition in Iraq since September 2014 and in Syria since 8 September 2015. It carries out air operations, and provides advice and training to Iraqi security forces. To support its local partners, France helped step up the campaign, with the aim of depriving Daesh of its main strongholds of Mosul and Raqqa. There are now almost 1,200 men fighting against Daesh in the Levant.

Seeking lasting political solutions

Our military victories will only repel the threat if they go hand in hand with political victories in seeking solutions to the crises raging in Syria, Iraq and Libya. These solutions must be based on national reconciliation and inclusive governance. France is fully mobilized to achieve this objective, as our collective security depends on it. In Libya, for example, France is supporting the fight against terrorist groups by supporting the national reconciliation process, which is the only sustainable defence against these movements.

Helping to stabilise Iraq

Our work to stabilize Iraq is chiefly aimed at enabling the voluntary, sustainable and safe return of the more than 3 million displaced Iraqis to their regions of origin.

Draining Daesh’s sources of financing

The strikes by France and the Coalition against oil infrastructures operated by Daesh have almost halved Daesh’s oil revenue since 2015. As a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, France has been actively involved in adopting several UN resolutions to increase the effectiveness of combatting terrorist financing (including Resolution 2253 of December 2015 on the international mechanism to counter the financing of Daesh).

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Preventing the recruitment of foreign terrorist fighters

France, within the international Coalition, increased the exchange of information with its partners, whether they be countries of origin or transit countries. The number of terrorist recruits arriving in Iraq and Syria has dropped considerably in the past two years.

Countering Daesh’s hate propaganda

France is working to neutralize Daesh’s violent propaganda, mainly by issuing messages against it both in France and abroad. The framework of the Global Coalition encourages good coordination among its members in order to reaffirm the criminal and terrorist nature of this organization.

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