France’s contribution towards the Global Coalition against Daesh

Key stabilisation activities in Iraq and Syria:

Iraq :

  • €60 million given to support stabilisation and humanitarian actions since 2017
  • €20 million specifically earmarked for the city of Mosul following its liberation.
  • 10,000 Iraqi soldiers and officers trained by France
  • Rehabilitation of the University of Nineveh College of Medicine in partnership with UNDP

Syria :

  • €100 million on the Syrian crisis as a whole in 2018
  • €45 million in North-Eastern Syria since 2017 on humanitarian and stabilisation projects:
  • €15 million in 2017
  • €30 million in 2018 (60% of the Emergency Program for Syria announced by the President of the French Republic in April)

France’s military efforts to defeat Daesh:

  • 1000 French soldiers and officers currently being part of the French military operation Chammal in Iraq and Syria.
  • Total air support operations since 19/09/14: 8,528 sorties / 1,459 air strikes / 2,251 targets destroyed.

Social media handles:

  • Twitter accounts of the French MFA : @francediplo @francediplo_AR @francediplo_EN * Twitter account of the French Ministry of Defense : @EtatMajorFR
  •  Twitter account of French platform to prevent radicalisation @stopdjihadisme
  • Twitter account of French inter ministerial committee to prevent radicalisation : @SG_CIPDR

Official websites:

  • Official website of the French MFA in French English and Arabic
  • Official website of the Ministry of Defence in FR and EN
  • Official website of StopDjihadisme
  • Official website of CIPDR


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