What is the UK doing to defeat Daesh?

Here are some more examples of UK work in this area:

·         The UK is one of three Co-Chairs of the Global Coalition Communications working group and houses the international by design Global Coalition Communications Cell

·         The Royal Air Force has deployed Reaper UAVs, 6 Typhoon jets and 8 Tornados;

·         Over 1,350 UK personnel are supporting Counter-Daesh operations in the region

·         UK troops have helped to train over 60,000 Iraqi forces so far, providing courses in countering Improvised Explosive Devices, infantry skills, combat medical techniques and engineering skills – all important work for the long term safety of Iraq

·         The total contribution to stabilisation efforts from the UK in Iraq is over £25m, split between the UN’s Fund for Immediate Stabilisation and the UN counter-IED effort

The Al Qasoor Water Treatment Plant in Mosul was destroyed by Daesh. But through UNDP Iraq, UK aid has rehabilitated it providing clean water to 300,000 people.

·         The UK has provided £272 million of humanitarian support for Iraq – these funds are providing food, shelter, water, sanitation and medical care to thousands of displaced families.

·         UK also provides £300m in loan guarantees to Iraq through the World Bank, as part of the $3.6bn package of economic assistance to Iraq announced at the G7 Summit in 2016

·        Since 2010, 303,000 pieces of terrorist and extremist material have been removed by service providers at the request of the Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit. The Unit is the first in the world which tackles the proliferation of illegal terrorist and violent extremist content on the internet.

Find out more about the UK’s involvement on their partner page here or on their national website

A women receives a cash transfer supported by UK Aid. The UK has provided cash assistance to more than 110,000 highly vulnerable people.

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