Spain – Humanitarian aid and stabilisation efforts

In response to international calls and in line with its international responsibility to the victims of conflict, Spain has contributed nearly 48 million euros in humanitarian aid to Syria, Iraq, and neighboring countries since 2012.

As one of the countries involved in the Conference of Donors organised in London in 2016, Spain committed to improving the living conditions of civilians suffering from the crisis in Syria and neighbouring countries. Only in 2017, Spain has provided 9.2 million euros in humanitarian aid to Syria, Iraq, and neighbouring countries, higher than the amount committed to at the 2017 Brussels Conference.

Spain allocated almost 5 million euros to Iraq in the 2014-2017 period, mainly devoted to Syrian refugees and its displaced population. This aid amounted to 1,5 million euros in humanitarian assistance in 2017. 700,000 euros from this contribution was channeled through The World Food Program aimed at helping the 34,000 people affected by the recent conflict in Mosul. 250,000 euros were contributed to supply water and basic sanitation to families affected by the conflict in Kirkuk through Caritas España. The Red Cross received 500,000 euros to work with refugees and displaced people.

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