Counter Daesh Insight Bulletin 12-18 March


Official propaganda in the week of 12 March included ‘news’ reports claiming attacks and killings in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, plus the capture of territory in Syria. Al Naba newspaper featured an article attacking democracy. Content from unofficial outlets included a video depicting a hypothetical win of Daesh against the West; an article giving advice on how to interact with the local population in Syria; and a French propaganda piece aiming to shame men through reference to recent official Daesh footage of women in battle. An unofficial social media campaign was started, calling supporters to travel to fight in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Daesh attacks Muslim Brotherhood and concept of democracy

In the latest edition of al-Naba newspaper, Daesh attacks the views of the ‘polytheist Brotherhood apostates’ (likely referring to the Muslim Brotherhood). The foreword mocks the idea that politics and democracy can be a means to ‘establish the religion’ and, using the experience of Tunisia as a reference, characterises democracy as “more tyrannical than the rule of the oppressive tyrants”. The particular issue that vexes the writer is the possibility that democratically elected leaders in Tunisia may pass laws to give women the same inheritance rights as men and allow them to marry non-Muslims.

Classes for Afghan women

A private TV station in Afghanistan reminded us that Daesh places high importance on spreading its ideology through offline methods as well as through social media and online products. The station reported that Daesh has organised classes in Jowzjan Province to ‘teach religious subjects’ to women, apparently involving 20 to 30 foreign fighters. Other reports have stated similar classes for young people.

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