Counter Daesh Insight Bulletin 12-17 July 2018


Amaq claimed attacks in Afghanistan, Egypt’s Sinai Province, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Syria and Yemen. On July 12, Al-Naba included a delayed claim for an attack on a security checkpoint in Saudi Arabia and an infographic claiming 87 attacks in different areas of operation in the week July 5 to 11. Daesh’s so-called West Africa Province released a video promoting perseverance and sacrifice. Daesh announced a new ‘Province’ in Syria named “Hauran Province” which claimed attacks on Russian and Syrian Forces in Daraa. The so-called Khorasan Province released a formal statement on the attack on the Rural Development Ministry in Kabul, threatening more attacks against those who work with their enemies. Amaq released a report and a short video on the conflict between Daesh and Al-Qaeda.

Daesh supporters are using Telegram to call for migration to Kashmir to strengthen Daesh presence in the region. An editorial in a pro-Daesh magazine urged young Muslims to take al-Baghdadi’s son as an example. A Daesh-linked media group imitates official propaganda. A pro-Daesh 10-minute video was released defending the group against accusations and criticism by rival groups in Syria.

Daesh attacking rival group

Since its territorial losses, rivalry with other groups has become more of a ‘focus’. In recent months, Daesh has released several statements and claimed several attacks on rival groups. Over the past week, both Daesh and its rival Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) have claimed attacks against each other. On July 9, “Aleppo Province” claimed responsibility for the killing of at least 10 alleged members of HTS. This claimed attack was the first in Aleppo in a year. Amaq released a separate communique specifying this attack and claimed the persons killed were members of ‘the elite force of HTS’. On July 13, Daesh claimed to have killed an HTS commander in an ambush. On July 14 the so-called Idlib Province launched, a campaign called “Invasion of brother Abu al-Bara al-Saheli” and attacked HTS.

West Africa Province video promoting perseverance

On July 11, Daesh’s so-called West Africa Province released an 18-minute video titled “Tribulations and Blessings” via Telegram. The video promotes the perseverance of its fighters and states they should not despair despite the recent setbacks. It focusses on the areas once under their control and stresses the prosperity and security that was created during that period. The video uses footage of villagers explaining the positive consequences of Daesh ruling. The video additionally, features scenes from the conflict with the Multinational Joint Task Force and the Nigerian Army but doesn’t provide any specific data.

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