Counter Daesh Insight Bulletin 11-18 June


Daesh claimed attacks in Afghanistan, Egypt, India, Iraq, Philippines, Somalia and Syria. Some of the Daesh branded branches released short videos; one depicted clashes between Daesh and Iraqi forces, and another (apparently late) video inciting attacks during Ramadan and criticising those who have defected from Daesh since its losses of territory. A photo-series showed the life of fighters in Iraq. Daesh denounced the short ceasefire between Afghan government forces and the Taliban for Eid, saying the ceasefire was a way to create an anti-Daesh coalition. Al-Naba was not published.

Unofficial outlets circulated several posters and videos on Telegram threatening Word Cup targets, although no threat was released through official Daesh channels. Other unofficial items included a call for attacks in Kashmir, while in Telegram channels, Daesh supporters denied reports of disputes and punishment executions within the group.

Video from a Daesh branch in Iraq – sells hardship as an opportunity

Daesh’s so-called Salahuddin Province released a 19-minute video on Telegram, billed as part of a series call ‘Blaze of the Raids’. The video displays clashes between Daesh fighters and the Iraqi army and Popular Mobilization Unit forces in Baiji. The production repeated the message that hard times present an opportunity to clear out fake followers, such as those who defected after the loss of territory. It includes a picture of an alleged defector, who is now said to be an HTS member. In contrast, it shows loyal fighters who died and a live one who is presented as a role model.

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