Counter Daesh Insight Bulletin 27 June – 3 July


Daesh claimed attacks in Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Philippines, Somalia and Syria. Al-Naba, released 29 June, included an article defending the declaration of the so-called caliphate in 2014 and urging their followers to stay loyal and remain steadfast, reminding them of the situation in 2007. Al-Naba also included an infographic claiming 268 attacks that allegedly killed and wounded over 1,000 people during Ramadan. Amaq released a video of the shooting of two Somali government employees.

Other than attack claims using the Amaq brand and al-Naba publications, there has been no official output from core Daesh brands for several weeks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Unofficial outlets circulated an audio recording of a Daesh militant speaking of launching attacks in Turkey and Georgia. A fake al-Naba was issued before the original and supporters warned each other on Telegram against a misinformation campaign. Other unofficial items included: a pro-Daesh group calling to attack Russian trains during the World Cup; an English newsletter called ‘From Dabiq to Rome’ featuring scholarly justification and promotion of Daesh operations; and threats against France.

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