Counter Daesh Insight Bulletin 05-11 March


Among the propaganda that has been distributed are several official and unofficial videos. Their contents include a hypothetical Facebook conversation after Daesh’s global take-over; threats to New York and London using pictures of allegedly ambushed US soldiers; the killing of a Somali Intel Officer, and; the alleged ongoing operations in Syria. Daesh is also using a “humanitarian” approach in their propaganda, for example the photo publication of its campaign “care of the vulnerable” in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Daesh is not only claiming attacks and killings in Lybia, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan, there have also been claims of increasing attacks in Iraq. The recent attacks have mostly been focussed on the Shia population.

Video promoting Afghanistan as an immigration option

“Khorasan Province” issued a 25 minute video titled “The Land of Allah is Vast”. The video showcases Daesh’s claimed successes in Afghanistan. Daesh members are calling new recruits from all over the world to join them in trying to defeat their enemies and to help them rule the territory they claim to control. The video shows tribesmen pledging allegiance to Daesh and footage of battles in Afghanistan. A narrator claims that Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province, including the Tora Bora mountains and Wazir Tanki, are the new focus for migration of foreign fighters from outside the country. Another Daesh fighter claims that the population sees through the lies that have been spread by Daesh’s enemies. The video also accuses Pakistan’s Intelligence services and the Tabilan of working together against Daesh and of them running the narcotic trade. The video was released in Arabic and Urdu.

Al-Naba edition released on 08 March

Last week’s Al-Naba issue had several interesting articles:

1) An article called “They remembered, then they saw the light” gave an unusual message of forgiveness of those who have left jihad and defected from their ranks. Daesh claimed that although these are great sins, they are forgivable in Islam because they do not mean that these people lost faith in Allah.

2) An article focussing on Daesh’s efforts in fighting the Egyptian Army in Sinai. It is the fourth edition in which Daesh focusses on their battle and alleged successes in the region.

New outlet for “official” Daesh propaganda

After the confusion over the distribution of Daesh propaganda, a new method for distribution has been advertised. This advertisement was released on Telegram and was published via the Nashir News Agency network of Daesh affiliated Telegram channels. They said that a trusted Daesh supporter had set up a channel under the name Nashir al Dawlah al -Islamiyah (Daesh Distributor) and that to join the group, supporters needed to send a message. In the past Daesh has issued propaganda under the same name, but Daesh stopped promoting these channels and so they went underground, using private channels which were more resistent to takedowns.

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