Counter Daesh Insight Bulletin 21 – 28 May


Daesh claimed attacks in Pakistan, Somalia, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Egypt and Afghanistan. Threats of attacks were made against Suriname if two Dutch brothers are not released. Amaq released a short video showing the aftermath of the alleged Israeli airstrikes on civilian homes in Egypt’s Sinai region. Al-Naba featured an infographic claiming operations in Indonesia and the Philippines and an article criticising the construction of a buffer zone in Sinai region. A video released by Amaq and a photo report under the ‘al-Barakah Province’ brand, claimed to show the harvesting of wheat in Daesh controlled parts of Syria.

Output from unofficial Daesh brands included an English newsletter with updates of Daesh military activities. Further threats were made on the World Cup, with one graphic portraying Russian President Putin as a prisoner a warning for attacks. A campaign was set up by Daesh supporters, calling individuals to target Egyptian forces. A pro-Daesh media outlet threatened Christians in Cairo with an image depicting St George’s Church as a future target.

Video showing guerrilla tactics

A 26 minute video, distributed on Telegram, is entitled ‘Crushing the Enemy’. It shows guerrilla tactics adopted by Daesh fighters in Kirkuk along with the execution of prisoners. The narration and speaking segments call for perseverance. Footage claims to show operations against an Iraqi intelligence base and barracks, an ambush in a village and the capturing of enemy forces, who are shown being brutally killed by gunfire.

In Al-Naba, operations claimed in East Asia

Daesh’s al-Naba newspaper, released on 25 May, featured an infographic claiming operations in Indonesia and the Philippines, including a prison riot and a suicide operation by a family of six on three churches and a police station in Indonesia. In the Philippines, it claims to have killed 60 during clashes with the army. An article gives a version of the history of Sinai and criticises the construction of a buffer zone in the region which it claims is causing widespread destruction and the deaths of many people.

Typically for Daesh, there is no mention of its recent loss of Yarmouk, the Palestinian refugee camp near Damascus. Elsewhere, media reports were of a deal with the Syrian government to evacuate Daesh militants and their families.

Daesh supporters translate propaganda into English

A group claiming no affiliation to Daesh released the twelfth issue of an English language newsletter on 22 May on Tumblr, with links to MediaFire. The newsletter consists of translations of Daesh propaganda, reporting on military activities and providing justifications for the group. It also provides commentary on unrelated events such as the school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas.

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