Counter Daesh Insight Bulletin 01 – 07 Jan 2018

In the last week attacks have been claimed in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Nigeria. Two unofficial videos appeared, rallying supporters to travel to Iraq and Syria to fight. The official propaganda covers the Daesh reactions regarding Hamas and the Iranian protests.

Video and infographic vilifying Hamas.

Output:  A video produced by IS Egypt’s Sinai branch titled “The Faith of Abraham” issued 03rd of January and an infographic issued in al-Naba on the 05th of January.
Message: The video, which was preceded by a trailer, urged jihadists to declare war on Hamas, calling them “infidels” and accusing them of using religion for their own political agenda. Daesh blames the struggle between Hamas and Fateh for the reduction of attention on the Palestinian issue. In the video Daesh condemns the support Hamas gets from Iran, which results in the killing of Sunnis in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. The video also contains a vague threat to Israel.
The infographic lists several points as to why Hamas are seen as “infidels”. Daesh focused on the relationship between Hamas and Shia Iran, as well as Hamas’ involvement in the democratic process. The participation in a legislative process and the use of international law is regarded as not being Muslim.
Intent: It is likely intended to incite supporters to attack and try to exploit the possible lack of confidence of some in Hamas. It seems that the proximity of the Sinai region to Israel is used to create a sense of fear of Daesh attacks in the region.

Daesh urges Iranian protests to continue.

Output: An article in al-Naba edition 113 issued on the 05th of January entitled, “O People of Iran, Grasp Your Most Trustworthy Handhold”.
Message: The article supports the Iranian protests and urges Iranians to bring down the Iranian establishment. Daesh is supporting these protests because they believe them to be a way to diminish Iranian influence in the region. Daesh refers to the protests in the articles as a “revolution against a region that calls itself revolutionary”. They state that the message coming from the Shias is a very important one and that the outcome of the protests could have serious consequences in the region.
Intent: The message in the article is likely intended to incite Daesh followers to fuel these protests however they can.

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