Coalition partners congratulate Iraq on the liberation of all Daesh held areas

The Global Coalition and its partners welcomed this liberation announcement through statements of congratulations, as well as commitments of ongoing support to the continuing effort to defeat Daesh. Read excerpts from some of these statements below:

        This historic victory over Daesh…would not have been possible without the people’s unity that is equally essential in the post-Daesh period. The world rallied to assist Iraq against Daesh…but this victory belongs to the heroic Iraqis…

UN Special Representative of the Secretary General to Iraq, Jan Kubis. Read more.

Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi at a victory parade in Baghdad, Dec 10th 2017

          (We) hope that security, stability, prosperity, and progress will prevail in Iraq and for the Iraqi people

Statement on liberation from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Foreign Affairs

          This signals a new chapter towards a more peaceful, prosperous country…I am proud that the UK, as a leading member of the Global Coalition, has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Iraq to help them open that chapter…We are now supporting the Government of Iraq to lay the foundations for an economy that meets the aspirations of all Iraqis.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May. Read more.

Julie Bishop, Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, via Twitter.

           The United States, along with the Global Coalition to Defeat Daesh, will continue to partner with the Iraqi Security Forces, advising, training and equipping them…We remain committed to standing with the Government of Iraq and the Iraqi people to stabilize areas liberated from ISIS control.

US State Department Spokesperson Heather Nauert. Read more.

           Together with all members of the Coalition, I congratulate the people of Iraq on their significant victory against Daesh. We stand by them as they set the conditions for a secure and prosperous future Iraq

Didier Reynders, Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs, via Twitter.

           It is our assessment that decisive steps have to be taken to reconstruct the liberated areas…with an inclusive approach that embraces all elements of the Iraqi society…Turkey will continue to act in cooperation and solidarity with the Iraqi government in every field in the post-Daesh era

Statement on liberation from the Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Read more.

          The Government of Spain hails the announcement of the liberation of all Daesh-held areas in Iraq. Spain, through its active participation in the Global Coalition, stands with Iraqis in the difficult journey ahead as the threat of terrorism remains.

Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs liberation announcement, via Twitter.

Margot Wallström, Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs, via Twitter.

         PM Abadi announces that today, for the first time in four long years, ISIS controls no significant territory in Iraq. We congratulate the Prime Minister and all the Iraqi people on this significant achievement, which many thought impossible…Our coalition will continue to stand with Iraq to support its security forces, economy, and stabilization to help ensure that ISIS can never again threaten Iraq’s people or use its territory as a haven. We mark today’s historic victory mindful of the work that remains.

Brett McGurk, Special Presidential Envoy to the Global Coalition, via Twitter.

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