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Counter Daesh Insight Bulletin 27 June – 3 July

This summary includes information about current trends in Daesh propaganda from the previous week. It is intended as a quick overview for those who do not have time to follow monitoring services on a daily basis and is not a comprehensive listing of every piece of Daesh propaganda released. Daesh often make fictitious claims which should not be taken as fact.



Daesh claimed attacks in Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Philippines, Somalia and Syria. Al-Naba, released 29 June, included an article defending the declaration of the so-called caliphate in 2014 and urging their followers to stay loyal and remain steadfast, reminding them of the situation in 2007. Al-Naba also included an infographic claiming 268 attacks that allegedly killed and wounded over 1,000 people during Ramadan. Amaq released a video of the shooting of two Somali government employees.

Other than attack claims using the Amaq brand and al-Naba publications, there has been no official output from core Daesh brands for several weeks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Unofficial outlets circulated an audio recording of a Daesh militant speaking of launching attacks in Turkey and Georgia. A fake al-Naba was issued before the original and supporters warned each other on Telegram against a misinformation campaign. Other unofficial items included: a pro-Daesh group calling to attack Russian trains during the World Cup; an English newsletter called ‘From Dabiq to Rome’ featuring scholarly justification and promotion of Daesh operations; and threats against France.