18KM Camp

See how this camp – 18 KM long – in Anbar is providing education for women and children – and is designed to prevent Daesh ever coming back.

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Iraqi Flag flies during recent election

Coalition congratulates Iraqi people, security forces

The Coalition congratulates the people of Iraq and Iraqi Security Forces on the successful completion of the first Parliamentary election since Iraq declared the full liberation of its population from…

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Counter Daesh Insight Bulletin 9-15 April 2018

This summary includes notable items of Daesh propaganda from the previous week, including the group targeting opposition groups in Syria, commenting on recent US-led strikes on Syria, and claiming various attacks. The bulletin is intended as a quick overview for those who do not have time to follow monitoring services on a daily basis and is not a comprehensive listing of every piece of Daesh propaganda released. Daesh often make fictitious claims which should not be taken as fact.

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Mosul’s recovery continues but the scale of the stabilisation task must be seen to be believed

With today marking International Mine Awareness Day I wanted to reflect on my recent visit to Mosul’s Old City and the formidable challenge facing the brave clearance teams.

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German funding helps displaced people through Iraq police project

The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) promotes Community Policing — one of many German funded stabilisation projects — which is helping to improve Iraqis’ trust for their State after liberation from Daesh.

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Countering Daesh through much more than just military means

Political conflicts and failing state structures have provided a fertile breeding ground for the spread of Daesh in Iraq and Syria. Daesh can only be pushed back with a broad based strategy incorporating political, humanitarian, civilian and military measures.

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What are the objectives of France and its partners within the Global Coalition against Daesh?

Beyond military action, our broad aims are to stabilise the region and find lasting political solutions, to starve Daesh of its sources of finance, to hinder the recruitment of foreign fighters and to counter propaganda.

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