Coordinator for Counterterrorism Ambassador Nathan A. Sales Travels to Qatar

Coordinator for Counterterrorism Ambassador Nathan A. Sales travels to Doha, Qatar August 12 to thank that nation for its commitment to combating global terrorism and its dedication to a robust partnership with the United States on counterterrorism and security.

Ambassador Sales will meet with Attorney General Ali Bin Fetais al-Marri and other senior government officials to discuss Qatar’s role as a strong partner in combating the financing of terrorism, including implementation of its new Anti-Money Laundering/Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) legislation. Ambassador Sales will also discuss Qatar’s active participation in the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS.

Qatar is one of the United States’ closest military allies in the region. Al-Udeid Air Base is home to the Combined Air Operation Center, which hosts 18 nations and is responsible for all Coalition air operations in the Middle East and Central Asia. More than 8,000 American military personnel are housed at Al-Udeid Air Base, and another 200,000 transit the base annually.

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