Western Mosul Operational Update – March 12th

The ISF units of 9th Ar. DIV, FedPol ERD, 3rd DIV, 5th DIV, 6th Elite DIV and Mech. DIV, Counter Terrorism Services, PMF units of Al- ‘Abbas combat DIV and other forces start advancing toward its targets to liberate the Western bank, backed by army aviation, air force and CF support according to the axes and as follows:

1. FedPol Forces Command and ERD Axis:
The federal police and ERD continue advancing toward Bab Tub area and keep in contact with the old city, cleared many buildings, areas, routes in the cleared districts, killed many terrorists, destroyed 6 VBIED, 2 motorcycle, dismantled 4 HVBIED, bombed 15 IEDs, shut down 1 drone, seized many weapons and ammunitions, destroyed 3 mortar shell units and destroyed 5 various vehicles.

2. 9th Ar. DIV units and Al- ‘Abbas combat DIV axis:
The units continue clearing the villages and liberated areas from IEDs and advancing toward Badush concrete facility, surrounded the facility, incursion inside Badush district, cleared many buildings and advancing toward Tal Rais, killed many terrorists, destroyed 2 VBIEDs, destroyed 2 mortar shells units and bombed 12 IEDs.

3. CTS axis: Initiated progress in several directions and able to progress and liberate Aghwat district, incursion inside Al-Risalah district, keep in contact with the new city, Oil and Nablis districts and it continues advancing and killed many terrorists, destroyed 6 VBIEDs, destroyed 8 defense location, destroyed 4 mortar shell units, destroyed 2 various vehicles, shut down 1 drone, bombed 10 IEDs and destroyed 9 barriers on the routes.

4. PMF axis:
No change.

5. The 16th infantry Division axis, the north-east side of Tigris river:
The units progress and liberated Darnagokh village in eastern Badush and overlooking on the eastern side of Tigris river, incursion inside the residential complexes adjacent to Shaykh Mohamed village in eastern Badush, it continues advancing and killed many terrorists, destroyed 4 VBIED, destroyed 3 mortar shells units, destroyed 23 IEDs and destroyed vehicles carried ammunitions.

6. Air support: Air support was secured for the advanced units to strike the targets in the depth by  the Army Aviation, Air Force and CF aircraft, as follows:
a. Air support by the Army Aviation was able to conduct 18 combat sorties, kill a number of terrorists, destroy 3 VBIEDs, destroyed terrorists gathering in Shaykh Mohammed in eastern Badush and destroyed vehicles carried 3 terrorists.
b. Air support by IAF:
No Change.
c. Air support by IC fighter was secured 60 combat sorties, killed many terrorists, destroyed 3 mortar shells units, destroyed 4 VBIEDs, destroyed 2 PKC unit, destroyed 2 facilities of making IEDs and booby-trapping Vehicles, destroyed 2 caches of weapons and ammunitions, destroyed 1 boats and destroyed a vehicle carrying missiles.


Coalition Strike Updates – courtesy of CJTF-OIR

In the past 24 hours, the Coalition conducted five strikes in support of Mosul operations with a total of 78 engagements using 247 munitions.

— Near Mosul, five strikes engaged four ISIS tactical units; destroyed 27 fighting positions, three rocket-propelled grenade systems, two VBIEDs, an artillery system, a mortar system, a heavy machine gun, a road block, a vehicle, and a VBIED factory; damaged 12 supply routes; and suppressed five ISIS mortar teams and two ISIS tactical units.

This brings the total number of munitions delivered in support of the Mosul operation from 17 Oct – 13 Mar to 17,117.  These munitions have destroyed 210 VBIEDs, 571 buildings/facilities, 175 tunnels, 559 vehicles, 583 bunkers, 30 AAA, 437 artillery/mortar systems and 273 boats/barges.

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