Western Mosul Operational Update – 20th Feb

The Army forces of the 9th armored Division and the federal police of the emergency response forces, 3rd Division, 5th Division and 6th Elite Division and PMF of Abbas combat forces progressed toward its targets to liberate Mosul right side supported by Army aviation, IAF and IC fighter jets, according to the following axes:

1. The axis of federal police: The federal police forces and the emergency response progressing and stormed Albu Saif village and liberated it completely, clearing the liberated buildings, the forces destroyed Vehicle-Borne IED, Motor Cycle and seized many weapons and ammunitions, and found Daesh tunnels

2. The axis of the 9th Armored Division: The forces liberated Lazaka village in southwestern Mosul right side and liberated Sahaji village in cooperation with Abbas combat Division. The forces completed its task by liberating the targets of the 1st stage of the 3rd phase, destroyed three Vehicle-Borne IEDs, two mortar shells, bombed 10 explosive belts, and destroyed two motorcycles.

3. Abbas combat Division and 36th Brigade of the 9th Division: The forces liberated Sahaji village in cooperation and coordination with 9th Division, destroyed Vehicle-Borne IEDs, two motor shell units, two vehicles carrying machine guns and killed many Daesh terrorists. The federal police, the emergency response, the 9th armored Division and Abase combat Division completed its targets in the 1st stage of the 3rd phase of “We are coming Nineveh”

4. The air support:

•Army aviation, IAF and IC fighter jets secured the progressing forces and targeted the aims as following:

       a. Army aviation secured 20 sorties, killed many terrorists, destroyed three vehicles carried terrorists, three booby-trapped motor cycle,

       destroyed  seven units of BKC, two moor shells unit and destroyed two SPG9 artillery.

       b. IAF secured four sorties on Mosul right side, destroying two booby-trapping and making IEDs facilities, destroyed cache of

       weapons and ammunitions contains 4 VBIEDs.

       c. IC fighter jets: IC fighter jets secured 15 sorties, destroying large numbers of equipment and killed many terrorists.

Coalition Strike Updates – courtesy of CJTF-OIR

In the past 24 hours, the Coalition conducted five strikes with a total of 50 engagements using 152 munitions.

— Near Bayji, one strike engaged an ISIS tactical unit; destroyed 11 vehicles, a front-end loader and a weapons cache; and damaged a bridge.

— Near Mosul, four strikes engaged two ISIS tactical units; destroyed three mortar systems, three vehicles, two IEDs, two command and control nodes, a supply cache, an artillery system, a front-end loader, an excavator, a tactical vehicle and a medium machine gun; damaged 13 supply routes and a tunnel; and suppressed 13 mortar teams and an artillery team.

This brings the total number of munitions delivered in support of the Mosul operation from 17 Oct – 21 Feb to 12,651.  These munitions have destroyed 162 VBIEDs, 463 buildings/facilities, 144 tunnels, 471 vehicles, 399 bunkers, 29 AAA, 343 artillery/mortar systems and 268 boats/barges.

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