Western Mosul Operational Update – 19th February

Western Mosul Operational Update as of close Sunday Feb 19th – courtesy of the War Media Cell of the Iraqi Armed Forces

1. Federal Police and Emergency Response Division Axis: Units were able to liberate the villages of Lazaka, Karama, Albu Jawari, Jamasa, Kantera, Zakrotia, Athba, Kafoor and Abyadh, in addition to control on Lazaka Electrical Station that feed Mosul western axis with electricity. Federal Police also controlled road links between Hammam al-Alil with Baghdad-Mosul, destroying 14x Suicide Vehicle-Borne IEDs (SVBIEDs), 6x IEDs, 2x Daesh guesthouse, 1x motorcycle, 1x explosive belt, 2x mortar positions, 1x BKC positions and killing dozens of militants. About 60 KM has been cleared.

2. IA 9th Armored Division Axis: Troops were able to liberate Bakhera, Harakiat, Ibrahimiya, Hussainiya and Sheikh Younis al-Debaja. Troops stationed on the outskirts of Atshana Hills, and destroyed 2x SVBIEDs, 4x mortar positions, 2x bulldozers, and 2 x unilateral weapons and killed a number of militants. About 63 KM has been cleared.

3. Axis of Abbas Brigade (PMF) & IA 36th Brigade of the 9th Division: Troops were able to liberate Imam Hamza and Tel Kaisom villages and became on the outskirts of Sahabi. 3x VBIEDs destroyed, 1x unilateral weapons and 2x mortar positions.

4. Iraqi army aviation in cooperation with Iraqi Air Forces and Coalition fighter jets supported advanced troops, as following:

     A. Iraq Army Aviation conducted 54x sorties, killing a number of militants and destroying 3x VBIEDs, 1x bulldozer, 2x BKC positions,

     2x mortar positions, 4x Daesh guesthouses and 1x HD at Albu Saif area.

     B. Iraqi Air Forces conducted 7x sorties on Mosul western axis, destroying 6x VBIED/IED production facilities, 3x VBIEDs, 2x guesthouses

     and 1x vehicle carry unilateral weapon.

Coalition Strike Updates – courtesy of CJTF-OIR

In the past 24 hours, the Coalition conducted eight strikes with a total of 59 engagements using 34 munitions.

— Near Bayji, one strike engaged an ISIS tactical unit and an ISIS staging area and destroyed a weapons cache, a VBIED, and a VBIED facility.

— Near Kisik, one strike engaged an ISIS tactical unit and destroyed two ISIS-held buildings, a VBIED, a vehicle, a tactical vehicle and a UAV.

— Near Mosul, six strikes engaged two ISIS tactical units; destroyed 11 mortar systems, three ISIS headquarters, three ISIS-held building, two anti-air artillery systems, two tactical vehicles, two supply caches, a front-end loader, a fighting position, a weapons facility, a VBIED and an IED; damaged nine supply routes; and suppressed 14 mortar teams and an ISIS tactical unit.

This brings the total number of munitions delivered in support of the Mosul operation from 17 Oct – 20 Feb to 12,499.  These munitions have destroyed 162 VBIEDs, 460 buildings/facilities, 143 tunnels, 467 vehicles, 398 bunkers, 29 AAA, 340 artillery/mortar systems and 268 boats/barges.

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