The EU: Stabilisation

To address the longer-term resilience needs of Syrian refugees in the region and their host communities, the Commission established in 2014 the EU Regional Trust Fund in response to the Syria crisis (Madad Fund) to enhance refugees´, internally displaced persons´ and host communities’ access to jobs, education and services.

The Madad Fund has provided significant support to Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq to increase access of refugees to education, training, livelihoods and healthcare.

In Iraq, the stabilisation of areas liberated from Daesh is an important EU priority and is a key factor for the preservation of Iraqi unity, as it is a precondition for reconciliation at grass roots level and helps to restore public confidence in the state. The EU presence in Erbil since August 2015 has also contributed to EU stabilisation efforts and diplomatic engagement in Iraq. Support to police training for stabilisation purposes is an area where EU Member States are particularly active and is a key factor for reinforcing the rule of law in liberated areas.

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