Statement by the Political Directors of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS Small Group

The Political Directors of the Global Coalition to Defeat Daesh/ISIS Small Group met today virtually to reaffirm our shared commitment to continue the fight against Daesh/ISIS and maintain unity of purpose and cohesiveness in Iraq and Syria.

The Political Directors agreed to maintain maximum pressure on Daesh/ISIS despite the several and multifaceted challenges, including those posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in order to achieve the enduring defeat of the terrorist group in Iraq and Syria, and to remain vigilant against the threat of Daesh/ ISIS around the world. In particular, the Political Directors agreed upon the importance of maintaining and allocating adequate military and civilian means and resources to sustain Coalition efforts in Iraq and Syria, including providing support to legitimate partner forces, in order to safeguard our collective security efforts.

The Political Directors agreed that Operation Inherent Resolve’s training role, temporarily suspended due to the pandemic, will resume as conditions permit.

The Political Directors of the Global Coalition, while maintaining the importance of guaranteeing the sovereignty of Iraq, also stressed the importance of increasing our various forms of assistance and stabilization support to liberated areas.

They also emphasized the need to remain focused on the Coalition’s civilian and military lines of effort in the areas of Communications; Foreign Terrorist Fighters; Stabilization; Countering ISIS Financing; and, Political Military Coordination, and encouraged Working Group members to connect virtually to continue their vital work.

The Political Directors expressed unwavering solidarity and determination in the fight against Daesh/ISIS in Iraq and Syria during the current global health crisis and look forward to the next full Ministerial meeting of the Global Coalition in Italy as soon as conditions allow.

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