During Ramadan, this is how Syrians in liberated areas stand in solidarity with each other

During this time of prayer, reflection, and community, people in Syria are banding together and supporting each other in the face of the pandemic.

See how people across northeast Syria are displaying solidarity in communities still recovering from Daesh’s occupation and launching essential initiatives to support others, embodying the values of this holy month.

Hussein Al-Ali, a nurse, dedicates his time to the clinic that he opened in Abu Qabei camp in northeast Syria. He provides medical care for more than 250 families. He also took the initiative to establish an educational and entertainment space for hundreds of children.

Hussein Al-Ali

Dr. Perwer is a physician who travelled from Germany back to his hometown of Al-Malkiyyah in northeast Syria to establish an urgent care clinic. His actions supported his community in managing the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Perwer

In Raqqa, more than 20 volunteers from ‘Dooz’ organisation developed a remote education programme. Through their efforts they were able to support hundreds of students after schools whose schools had been temporarily closed due to COVID-19.

‘Dooz’ organisation

Masoum Muhammad from Amuda utilised his experience in film production to create an entertaining and educational programme on social media to keep his community members motivated during the pandemic.

Masoum Muhammad

Security, social and health challenges have changed how people observe the holy month in northeast Syria, but Ramadan continues to be a time when communities unite and charitable giving eases suffering. Syrians will continue to show resilience and to stand in solidarity with vulnerable members of the community until this period of adversity ends.

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