Sweden is strongly committed to the Global Coalition and the fight against terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. A comprehensive approach is needed and prevention, including accountability, is a strong priority. Responses to terrorism must be in accordance with international law including human rights and the rule of law.

Sweden will continue its support to the Syrian people. Since 2016, Sweden has committed 320 million USD to its Regional Strategy for the Syria Crisis. In addition, since 2011, Sweden has contributed 400 million USD in humanitarian aid to the Syrian people.

Sweden will stay committed and contribute to the stabilization of Iraq. Since 2014, Sweden has contributed 250 million USD in humanitarian and development assistance to Iraq. In 2023 we foresee humanitarian and development support of some 25 million USD. Target areas include stabilization, recovery, demining and migration management. Sweden also supports the effort to hold Daesh accountable for its atrocities through UNITAD.

Sweden contributes with military personnel to Operation Inherent Resolve as well as to NATO Mission Iraq.

The growing threat from terrorist groups in Sahel and beyond is a transnational threat. We therefore support the efforts by the Africa Focus Group. Root causes for terrorism – such as lack of security, livelihood and the rule of law – must be addressed. In 2023, we foresee humanitarian and development support of some 100 million USD to the Sahel region.

Afghanistan must not again become a safe haven for terrorists. Sweden will continue its significant humanitarian and development support through the UN and other partners, without funding or legitimizing the Taliban. As for 2023 the support amounts to roughly 80 million USD.





to the UNDP’s Fund for Immediate Stabilisation (FFIS) in Iraq and $5m to Syria Recovery Trust Fund for stabilisation in liberated areas.


in humanitarian aid to Iraq and Syria since 2011.


military trainers in Iraq to train Iraqi defense forces

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