Sweden’s contribution to the Global Coalition

In both Iraq and Syria, Sweden contributes to efforts to stabilise areas liberated from Daesh. In Iraq, Sweden has made a $4 million contribution to the UNDP’s Funding Facility for Immediate Stabilisation (FFIS). Sweden is also involved in capacity building of central and local governments as part of its bilateral development programme with Iraq ($3.5 million in 2016). In Syria, Sweden has contributed $6 million to the Syria Recovery Trust Fund since 2013.

Sweden is one of the major bilateral donors to the region. Since 2011 Sweden has contributed more than $264 million in humanitarian aid to Syria and more than $86 million to Iraq, in addition to substantial unearmarked support to several UN bodies and international organisations. Sweden has also recently launched a regional five-year aid strategy worth $200 million for the Syria crisis that aims to alleviate the effects of the conflict both inside Syria and on vulnerable groups in the neighbouring countries.

Sweden has contributed 70 military trainers to the Coalition’s training mission in Iraq and staff to Baghdad and Erbil. The training components include IED detection, medical care and human rights.

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