Norway’s contribution towards the Global Coalition against Daesh:
• Norway was among the founding members of the Global Coalition in 2014. Norway is a committed Coalition partner in the fight against Daesh through troop contributions to the military campaign and active participation across all lines of effort in the Coalition.

• Norway is committed to finding lasting and sustainable solutions to the crises in Iraq and Syria, and is an important bilateral donor to the region. Norway has participated in the military training mission in Iraq since it was established, in 2014.

• Norway participates actively in the Coalition’s working groups, as well as the Africa Focus Group, small group and the PMC.

• In Iraq, Norwegian troops contribute to Operation Inherent Resolve with capacity building for the Iraqi security forces and with provision of security. Up to 70 personnel from the Armed forces currently contribute to OIR in Iraq, as well as support provided in Jordan, and up to 10 personnel to NATO Mission Iraq.

• Norway’s stabilization support to Iraq and Syria complements Norway’s diplomatic, military, and humanitarian support to the region, and illustrates Norway’s long-term commitment to countering the threat from Daesh and promoting stability and human rights in the Middle East.

• The total Norwegian support to the Syrian crisis has been close to 160 million US dollars annually in the last 5 years, including humanitarian assistance.

• The Norwegian stabilization efforts in Syria amounts to approximately USD 7 million annually, and Norway intends to continue to provide a high level of stabilization assistance. Activities include programs for youth in and around the camps in Northeast Syria, in addition to health, including to a hospital in Raqqa, and demining. We also provide support to local rehabilitation of agriculture, water supply, livelihoods, and vocational training all over Syria.

• In Iraq, Norway has contributed with more than $ 270 million to in humanitarian and stabilization assistance since 2014. From 2023 Norwegian stabilization support will be reduced from the annual level of USD 7 mill. in line with the UN handover of responsibilities to the Government of Iraq.
• Norway participates actively in the Coalition’s Africa Focus Group and provides financial support towards the workplan objectives. This includes long-term partnerships with a variety of actors on local community resilience and prevention of violent extremism, as well as countering financing of terrorism.


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”Millions of people have been liberated from Daesh, as a result of the efforts in collaboration between the Global Coalition and its partners, and not least the Iraqi security forces. But the fight against Daesh is not over yet. Norway remains committed to the Coalition and we continue to contribute to both military and civilian efforts in order to secure the enduring defeat of Daesh and the recovery of conflict-affected areas.”

Minister for Foreign Affairs, Espen Barth Eide


in support to Iraq in 2018

110 troops

committed to helping train Iraqi forces


personnel in Iraq to run a medical unit

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