France entered the Coalition in September 2014 and are a key ally in the fight against Daesh. They are part of all of the counter-Daesh working groups.

France has provided humanitarian and stabilisation assistance of €90 million in Iraq since 2014, a loan of €430 million to the Iraqi government and support for various UN agencies (UNDP, WFP, UNHCR) and French NGOs operating in the field. Following the liberation of Raqqa in October €10 million was pledged and in April 2018 €50 million was granted towards stabilisation mostly to north-east Syria.

"France and its Coalition partners, alongside the Iraqi security forces, whom we commend the courage of, work on a daily basis to defeat the Daesh terrorist organization in Iraq. Protection of civilians and compliance with international humanitarian law are priorities of our action."

Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs

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