France entered the Coalition in September 2014 and is a key ally in the fight against Daesh both in military and in development/stabilisation fields.

In the Levant, France has been the second largest contributor since 2014 through Operation CHAMMAL with land, air and sea deployments. The French force is regularly reinforced by high value-added aircraft as well as a naval component consisting of a frigate operating in the eastern Mediterranean or in the waters of the Gulf.

In coordination with the Iraqi government and the Allies, CHAMMAL provides military support to local forces engaged against Daesh on their territory and in the region, as well as support and advisory missions.

Stabilisation & development:
France has provided humanitarian, stabilisation, and development assistance of €298 million in Iraq & Syria since 2017, and support various UN agencies (UNDP, WFP, UNHCR) as well as French NGOs operating in the field.

In addition, in its fight against terrorism and Daesh, France contributes to humanitarian aid, development aid and stabilization in Africa and Afghanistan. In 2023, more than €63 million in Africa and €17 million in Afghanistan, made it possible to finance numerous projects.


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"In these difficult times, we tend to focus on the major geopolitical upheavals that dominate the news: the return of war to the continent of Europe, the violation by certain states of the fundamental principles of international law, and the undermining of our multilateral system. But these developments, as serious as they are, should not lead us to forget that the challenges of terrorism remain immense and require us to continue our collective efforts, both military and civilian." – Saudi Arabia - Ministerial Conference of the Coalition against Daesh - Riyadh, 8 June 2023.

Minister Catherine Colonna, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs

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