Albania is a dedicated member of the Global Coalition against Daesh and has consistently shown its commitment to countering terrorism and violent extremism. The country is actively engaged in multiple efforts, including stabilizing post-Daesh communities, countering terrorist financing, addressing Daesh propaganda and recruitment, managing foreign terrorist fighters, and contributing militarily to operations like CJTF-OIR and NATO Mission Iraq. Preparations are underway to send six military personnel to the NATO Mission in Iraq (NMI).

Albania supports multilateral policies to address the drivers of violent extremism and emphasises countering terrorist narratives, both online and offline, in alignment with the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy. Albania also co-sponsors UN Resolutions against terrorism, including UN Security Council Resolution 2178, demonstrating its strong stance against violent extremism and its commitment to preventing the support for Foreign Terrorist Fighters (FTFs) and their family’s rehabilitation, reintegration, and resocialisation in Albania. The country actively participates in regional initiatives, such as the Western Balkans CVE summit, to address the root causes of extremism and promote community-level prevention.

In addition, Albania is updating its National Security Strategy to strengthen efforts against terrorism and violent extremism. It has amended domestic legislation to criminalize terrorist acts and financing. Albania’s Cross Sectorial Strategy on Preventing Violent Extremism and Fight Against Terrorism fosters cooperation among government, civil society, and religious communities to prevent and counter extremism.

Albania also collaborates with Kosovo to address conditions conducive to violent extremism and recognizes the complexity of this issue, involving psychology, sociology, education, and more. It’s committed to rehabilitation and reintegration of individuals returning from conflict zones and actively counters Daesh propaganda while strengthening community resilience.

Albania’s dedication extends to supporting international counter-terrorism efforts and promoting UN counter-terrorism standards. In summary, Albania’s comprehensive efforts demonstrate its commitment to global security and defeating Daesh while upholding fundamental values and human rights.

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