Netherlands’ contribution towards the global coalition against Daesh

The Kingdom of the Netherlands is an active partner in the Global Coalition against Daesh. It participates in all Coalition Working Groups and co-leads the Working Group on Foreign Terrorist Fighters together with Kuweit and Turkey. It contributes to a better future for Iraq providing military support, humanitarian aid, funding de-mining operations and supporting stabilisation and reconstruction of liberated areas

Key projects in Iraq and Syria:

  • Since the Coalition was formed, the Netherlands has been a committed partner in the fight against Daesh.
  • From 2017 until the end of 2018, the Netherlands has contributed four F-16s, which were essential in providing close air support, conducting armed over watch and assisting air-to-air refuelling, both in Syria and Iraq.
  • From the 1st January 2019, the contribution of the Netherlands has altered in form to adapt to the changing circumstances on the ground. Our focus has shifted from offensive actions against Daesh, to strengthening and reforming the security sector in Iraq.
  • We are providing a key contribution to the coalition by training Iraqi Special Forces in Baghdad.
  • The contribution of the Netherlands in Northern Iraq consists of a maximum of 50 soldiers whose focus is on providing Iraqi and Kurdish forces with extensive training.
  • Parallel to capacity building efforts- our training highlights the importance of human rights and humanitarian law.

Date Entered Coalition: 24th of September 2014

Working Group Membership: The Netherlands is a co-lead of the Working Group on Foreign Terrorist Fighters together with Kuwait and Turkey. The Working Group has played a pivotal role in ensuring that 69 countries altered their law in such a way to make the outward journey of individuals to Daesh punishable. Additionally, under our co-leadership, 70 countries have successfully convicted FTFs.

Top Contributions of the Coalition

  • The Netherlands’ contribution goes beyond solely the military component of the fight against Daesh and includes providing aid, funding de-mining operations and supporting stabilisation and the reconstruction of liberated areas.
  • In addition, our contribution includes strong advocacy for accountability for crimes committed by Daesh, including financial support to UNITAD and the IIIM.

Military contribution

  • The Netherlands has provided crucial military support and has been especially focal in providing the necessary training of military units in Northern Iraq.

Humanitarian contribution

  • Our humanitarian contribution plays a complementary role to our contribution to the Global Coalition against Daesh.
  • Between 2014 and 2018, the Netherlands provided around 86.7 million euros in humanitarian relief through working with a multitude of partners. As of 2018, our contribution is 10.7 million euros of which 7 million euros will go to the Iraq Humanitarian Fund which is overseen by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

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