Japan’s contribution towards the Global Coalition against Daesh

Key stabilisation activities in Iraq and Syria

  • Japan announced the assistance package totalling USD 5 billion at the international Donor’s conference on the reconstruction of Iraq in 2003.
  • USD 2.2 billion done including 2 suspended projects – 13 yen loan projects/programs have completed or its main parts have started the operation in Iraq.
  • Projects/programmes totalling USD 6.7 billion committed in 2018 to Iraq
  • Since 2012 Japan’s assistance to the Syrian people has been over US$ 2.2 billion
  • In 2018 approx US$ 247.4 million has been provided to Syria. A grant assistance package of over US$ 86 million has also been supplied
  • Assistance to Syrian refugees-a grant of USD 34.4 million was given

Projects in Iraq

  • Japanese leading clothing company “Fast Retailing”, famous for its brand “UNIQLO”, donated winter clothes to IDPs for alleviation of coldness in cooperation with the EoJ and Japanese and Iraqi NGOs in Iraq
  • Responding to the request by Ministry of Interior of Iraq, Japan (JICA) has created special training courses on IED clearance as part of assistance for stabilisation in liberated areas. A total of 96 trainees received trainings (17 courses) in the period between Oct. 2015 – Mar. 2017 in Jordan.
  • Japanese company “Nikken” in cooperation with the Japanese embassy provides equipment for removing mines / unexploded ordnance (USD 1 million) and technical training in Basra.
  • Electricity : 9 projects (USD 2.27 billion)  in Iraq
  • Water/Sewerage : 7 projects (USD 1.65 billion) in Iraq
  • Oil / Gas: 4 projects (USD 1.00 billion) in Iraq
  • 8,800 Iraqi trainees participated in the JICA training courses (2003-2017)
  • Two Japanese companies ”T.CHATANI&CO.,LTD.” and “TOYOTOMI CO., LTD.” donated more than 1,500 cooking stoves for IDPs in the Kurdistan
  • Region in Iraq through cooperation with the Chihan Group
  • Japan Football Association (Vice President Mr. Tashima) donated 50 soccer balls to orphans and IDPs to encourage their daily lives.
  • Japan supports early return of IDPs to their home in the liberated areas through rebuilding infrastructure Projects, capacity building support to the Governmental organisations and local governments relevant to the IDP assistance, providing job opportunities, job training, micro-business support, etc.

Projects in Syria

  • Japan is a major donor to Syria, one third of their aid goes to Syria
  • Humanitarian assistance is a high priority for Japan
  • Japan has taken in 150 Syrian students until 2020
  • Support on the prohibition of chemical weapons in Syria
  • Stabilisation projects include, emergency relief, food distribution through Japanese NGO’s, early recovery and livelihoods, education, support for Syrian
  • Cultural Heritages, electricity, health and wash and training
  • Protecting civilians in Syria through Humanitarian Mine Action Co-ordination (UNMAS)
  • UN Syria Joint Programme for supporting ”Education for All” in Syria (Lead by UNICEF)

Additional Information

  • Vocational training is provided to Syrian youth and women refugees in Turkey using fixed and mobile apparel skills units (UNIDO)
  • Cash assistance for Syrian refugees (UNHCR) Syrian refugees receive cheques for their winter expenses such as fuel for heating in Erbil
  • Back to school initiative including school and community based health, protection, nutrition and WASH interventions (UNICEF)- Syrian refugee children study at the public school in Mount Lebanon
  • Employment of 150 Syrian trainers to train 300 Jordanians to improve skills in various sectors such as Food Processing, Beauty & Hair Dressing, Sewing, Agriculture, Construction and Carpentry.

Social media

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More information: https://www.iraq.emb-japan.go.jp/files/000418610.pdf

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