Germany’s military contribution against Daesh in Iraq

In the context of the overall commitment to fighting Daesh, Germany has been a key partner for Iraq and a leading member of the Coalition. Since September 2014, Germany has delivered equipment with a total value of 90 million euros, including vehicles, arms, ammunition and military equipment (e.g. combat helmets, body armour, field kitchens, radio sets, mine probes, night vision aids, and tents) to Erbil via Baghdad.

Materiallieferung (2)
Arrival of military equipment in Iraq – Military equipment, arms and ammunition arrived at Erbil Airport. (c)Bundeswehr/Sebastian Wilke

In addition, Germany provides training support for the security forces of the government of the Kurdistan Region in Iraq and the Iraqi forces in northern Iraq. Over the course of this training mission, more than 11,000 Peshmerga (Kurds, Kakai, and Yazidis) received training between January 2015 and the end of 2016.

Bundeswehr Soldiers train Kurdish Peshmerga near Erbil. (c)Bundeswehr/Sebastian Wilke

To date, 350 Peshmerga fighters and Iraqi government soldiers have received training in Germany on the “Milan” antitank weapon as well as on tactical and command and control processes, administration of medical aid, maintenance, handling of CBRN defence equipment, explosive ordnance disposal and international humanitarian law.

Since December 2015, Germany has also contributed to air support provided to Iraqi forces on the ground by sending reconnaissance and refuelling aircraft in the framework of the international “Operation Inherent Resolve“.

Fighter Jet of the type Tornado on their way to the runway on the Airbase in Incirlik. (c)Bundeswehr/Thorsten Weber

Germany also provided staff personnel to OIR-headquarters  and the frigate “Augsburg” as an escort to the French aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle” for a period of six months in 2016.

Frigate Augsburg
Six ships (French frigate Chevalier Paul, German frigate Augsburg, British frigate HMS St. Albans, French tanker Marne, French frigate Aquitaine and the French frigate Provence) protect the French Aircraft Carrier Charles de Gaulle.

In addition, German soldiers participate in NATO-AWACS flights that contribute – while operating in Turkish and international airspace – to the Coalition’s overall air picture by providing surveillance and situational awareness over Iraq and Syria.

Up to 1,200 German soldiers could be deployed in this operation.

Main image – Tornado pilot with night viewing goggles on the Airbase Incirlik, Turkey. (c)Bundeswehr/Oliver Pieper

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