A Message From The Official Coalition Representative

The Coalition’s approach is evolving now that Daesh has lost the vast majority of the territory it once held. I will be communicating the work of the Coalition across the five lines of effort and working with partner governments, civil society, military and academics to ensure a high-level of engagement across all of the Coalition’s activities.

Highlighting stabilisation efforts will be a core part of my role because helping people to rebuild their lives after Daesh’s vicious rule is vital to ensuring their lasting defeat.

I recently visited Iraq to meet partners on the ground and learn about the work that is underway and what has already been achieved. Whilst progress has been slow, people are returning to their homes, businesses are reopening and children are starting school again, but there is a long road ahead. The same is true for Syria, which although there is a more complex political issue at play, we are seeing signs at a community level of people coming together to rebuild and this gives everyone hope for the future.

I look forward to seeing Coalition supported projects first hand and sharing these with you over the coming months.

Follow me on Twitter, @RepCoalition, for updates.

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