Wearing perfume is a crime – Life under Daesh

In Raqqa, on 5th November, reports from inside the city indicated that Daesh’s all-female police unit arrested two women for simply smelling of perfume. The two women were detained and escorted to Daesh’s headquarters where they received 25 lashes each.  In addition to the lashes, the women’s husbands were forced to pay a fine of $50.


Fines for trying to leave Raqqa.

11 November, Daesh announced new punishments for civilians attempting to flee Raqqa City and those aiding them. According to reports from inside the city, Daesh will now fine each civilian caught fleeing to non-Daesh territory one gold dinar (7 g or approximately £220), Daesh’s claimed official currency.


Human Shield in al-Bab.

On 11 November, Daesh launched surprise patrols at 11 p.m. in al-Bab City, resulting in the arrest of “anyone found in the street”. Though reasons for the arrests were not explicitly stated, these surprise patrols were likely intended to catch civilians attempting to flee al-Bab City as Operation Euphrates Shield forces approached. Additionally, a number of Daesh fighters moved out of their homes on the outskirts of al-Bab City to be closer to Daesh military positions inside the city. It’s important to note that Daesh places its headquarters in heavily populated civilian areas as to avoid being targeted by Coalition airstrikes. Euphrates Shield forces are less than 10 km from northern al-Bab.


Private Schools allowed but heavily taxed.

A new policy on education provides a further indication that, due to financial issues, Daesh is struggling to provide services and maintain the appearance of a functioning “state”. On 13 November, Daesh’s Bureau of Education in Tabqa City announced that it would now permit residents to open privately-run pre-schools and primary schools in the city. According to reports, the schools will be required to prioritize religious education over secular subjects and playing. Further, the owners of the schools will be required to share between 60% and 70% of any revenue accrued.

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