Removing the dangerous explosives Daesh leaves behind

When areas are liberated from Daesh control, the work of making the area safe again commences. Daesh leave areas heavily mined and booby-trapped, with many of the devices left to target civilians returning to their homes. The Global Coalition and its partners work with the UN Mine Action Service to combat this threat to the population. The image galleries below show examples of the work that is being done, training the security forces and raising awareness of the dangers.

The gallery below shows U.S. Army Sgt. Nick Vaughn training Iraqi soldiers to operate an anti-personnel obstacle breaching system

A class being trained in how to detect and safely negotiate improvised explosive devices

Hands on training for Peshmerga soldiers as they take on ordnance disposal and counter improvised explosive device training

Here, a Peshmerga soldier works with an Italian soldier in a training exercise in Erbil, Iraq. Exercises like this simulate the scenarios soldiers face as they look to make liberated areas safe again.

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