Rehabilitating the Diyala Al-Alam Health Centre

For nearly three years, the population did not have access to a health centre. Instead, the population had to go to other areas for any necessary medical treatment – a risky endeavor, given the frequency of Daesh checkpoints on the roads.

It wasn’t until 25 November 2017 that the first health centre was reopened in the area. The Al Alam Centre was rehabilitated by the International Red Cross in cooperation with the Iraqi Government.

The health centre is the largest of its kind in Diyala, providing health services for more than 20,000 people who live in Al-Uzaym area and the surrounding villages. It provides the services of a large hospital.

The centre is classified as an A class facility because it has an operating room, an emergency room and a dental clinic. Residents of Al-Uzaym area are pleased with the efforts made by the Iraqi government in cooperation with the IRC to reopen the facility.


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