Raqqa Confronts COVID-19

For the past few weeks, the city of Raqqa in particular, and the eastern regions of Syria more generally, have been on high alert. The global spread of COVID-19 and its arrival in Syria have galvanised local authorities and organisations to minimise the effects of the pandemic in areas already suffering from Daesh rule and the subsequent battle for liberation. From early on, the local authority imposed a curfew and launched a campaign to encourage people to stay at home.

The People’s Municipality played a major role in Raqqa city, which continues to work to raise awareness, sterilise neighbourhoods, and sanitise public facilities, in order to maintain good hygiene practices to help protect civilians from the pandemic.

The People’s Municipality sterilising neighbourhoods and public facilities in Raqqa

Volunteer teams have been deployed in every street in Raqqa to raise people’s awareness about preventative measures.

Voluntary awareness campaign in Raqqa

Schools in Raqqa, under the supervision of Raqqa Civil Council, have also tak-en steps against COVID-19. More than 35 schools throughout the province have been sterilised and more than 40,000 students have been educated on the prevention of virus transmission.

Raqqa Civil Council sterilising schools

It is, therefore, a collaborative effort involving all the components of Raqqa’s community, including civilians, municipalities, security forces, and organisa-tions, with the aim of countering the pandemic and reducing its effects on newly-returned residents to Raqqa.

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