The Republic of Turkey plays a major role in the Global Coalition: through hosting Coalition assets in its bases, participating in air operations and targeting terrorist elements in Syria; diminishing the financing and recruiting capabilities of Daesh; and delivering aid and providing shelter for displaced Syrians. As co–chair of the Coaliton’s Foreign Terrorist Fighters Working Group, Turkey also actively supports and leads international initiatives in this field.


  • From the Global Coalition’s inception, Turkey has played a full role in the Coalition’s military efforts to deny DAESH safe haven and to build the capacity of those leading the fight against DAESH. Turkey has:
  • Participated in all joint planning efforts for counter-DAESH operations in northern Syria; took all necessary steps to realize and implement those plans.
  • Allowed its airspace to be used by Coalition aircraft for both combat and non-combat roles, including intelligence gathering and personnel recovery;
  • Opened its facilities to the US and other Coalition partners, allowing over 60 aircraft with over 1,200 personnel to be deployed in counter-DAESH operations in Syria and Iraq;
  • Hosted the “Train and Equip” program;
  • From January to August 2016, hit DAESH targets through air, artillery and other military assets, as part of Coalition operations and neutralized over 1,200 DAESH elements;
  • Executed “Operation Euphrates Shield” (OES) by putting its own troops on the ground and in cooperation with the Free Syrian Army and, having eliminated 2,647 DAESH members, established a safe haven free of terror by clearing an area of 2,015 square kilometers from DAESH
  • Eliminated 717 DAESH elements in Iraq;
  • Neutralized a total of around 4,550 DAESH elements in Iraq and Syria;
  • Trained 7,000 Iraqi security personnel, composed of professionals and volunteers, for the fight against DAESH.

Our goal is clear: Eradication of all terrorist elements including foreign terrorist fighters and establishing a security and stability belt around us.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President of the Republic of Turkey


Turkish military personnel securing Turkey’s border with Syria.


Counter-Daesh Military and Counter-Terrorism Operations undertaken by Turkey in 2016 thus far.

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