Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made great efforts to stand against terrorism and extremism on a national and international level.

As a strategic partner of the Global Coalition to Counter Daesh, the Kingdom co-chairs the Working Group that focuses on the Counter Financing line of effort together with the United States and Italy. Within this role it has worked tirelessly to tackle Daesh’s financing and economic structure.

Saudi Arabia is committed to the Global Coalition’s mission to “tackle Daesh on all fronts, to dismantle its networks and counter its global ambitions.”

Beyond the military campaign in Iraq and Syria, Saudi Arabia has also committed to: “tackling Daesh’s financing and economic infrastructure; preventing the flow of foreign terrorist fighters across borders; supporting stabilisation and the restoration of essential public services to areas liberated from Daesh; and countering the group’s propaganda.”

In addition to its work within the counter finance spectrum, Saudi Arabia has also participated in the following:

Military Campaign: The Kingdom ranked second after the United States of America in the number of air strikes carried out within the Global Coalition in (Syria). This includes commitments from Air Force & Liaison officers and has included use of the following locations: Incirlik Air Base; Al-Udeid Air Base; Arifjan Army Base. In addition, it has participated in a number of joint military team initiatives.

Communications and countering propaganda: Saudi Arabia has established a number of state of the art centres that work at regional and international level on various aspects of countering extremist messaging to develop projects and deliver campaigns directed to vulnerable communities in order to mitigate the impact of Daesh’s “media machine”. An example of two of these specialized structures are:

ETIDAL (Global Centre for Combating Extremist Ideology):

  • ETIDAL mission: To actively and pro-actively combat, expose, and refute extremist ideology, in cooperation with governments and organizations concerned.
  • ETIDAL Vision and Goals: strengthen the confidence of the people and governments in confronting the enemies of humanity, in fighting extremist ideology, spreading the principles of tolerance & moderation, and promoting opportunities for world peace.

For further information, please follow them on Twitter: @etidalorg / @etidal or visit their webpage:

FEKER (The Ideological Warfare Centre):

  • About the centre: This initiative was set up to confront the roots of extremism and promote the true understanding of Islam all over the world. It is affiliated with the Saudi Ministry of Defence and houses very experienced technical experts from different spectrums, related to the topic at hand, to ensure best practice.

For further information, kindly follow them on Twitter: @fekerksa_en / @fekerksa or visit their webpage:

For further details on the contributions of Saudi Arabia specifically within the stabilization effort kindly click the following links:

$1.5 billion

pledged to financially support reconstruction projects in Iraq

2 million

Syrian citizens fleeing the war granted legal residency in Saudi Arabia

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