Romania contributes to the Coalition’s efforts training and advising Iraq’s Armed Forces as they lead the fight against Daesh. Romania is also committed to providing humanitarian assistance to the Iraqi and Syrian people and to supporting the international community’s efforts to encourage lasting peace in Syria.

Romania is focused on developing the Iraqi Security Forces as a key factor in enhancing the capacity of the Government of Iraq, and strengthening the latter’s ability to take responsibility for providing its own national security. As such, Romanian involvement consists of Train, Advice and Assist (TAA) Teams.

Date Entered Coalition: The Romanian Parliament approved the participation of Romanian Armed Forces in the Coalition on the 16th of February 2016. The first Romanian troops were deployed in 2017.

Working Group Membership: Romania participates in the Coalition’s Political-Military Consultations, chaired by the United States.

We have responded, as a nation that has been a participant in the anti-Daesh coalition for some time, by defining a contribution focused on advisory and guidance activities for Special Forces. This means around 50 military personnel who will carry out training and advice missions in order to develop these type of capabilities for the Iraqi Armed Forces. It is important to be present there, to prove that we are not intimidated by terrorism.

Mihnea Motoc, Minister of National Defense


Romanian military trainers deployed to Iraq to train Iraqi Security Forces in 2016


Romania’s pledge to the UN’s Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan for 2016-17


Romanian law enforcement training officers have participated in the EU’s Rule of Law training and assistance mission to Iraq, EUJUST LEX-Iraq, since 2009

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