From 2015 to 2020, Portugal was part of the Operation Inherent Resolve Coalition, contributing with 30 highly experienced trainers possessing a wide range of skills in areas such as: movement and manoeuvre, intelligence, fires, force protection, logistics, mission command and leadership training.

Portugal’s primary mission was to support CJTF-OIR in Iraq by providing training to the Iraqi Security Forces assigned to Task Force Besmayah. Portuguese officers also support the Coalition Headquarters in Kuwait and the subordinate headquarters in Baghdad.

The professionalism and dedication of the Portuguese forces ensured the highest quality training in support of operations to ensure the definitive defeat of Daesh in the region.

Portugal continues to maintain its efforts to support the goals and aims of the Coalition at both civilian and military levels.

Our ongoing civilian efforts against Daesh are mostly based on the sharing of counterterrorism related information by our national security agencies, namely the internal Intelligence Service and the Judiciary Police, information also resulting from national, European and international investigations and cooperation with partners.

We believe the Coalition’s work to be extremely relevant and we support the focus on fighting the threats emanating from Daesh and its affiliates and its ability to continue to gather an immense group of countries with a common goal.

Date Entered Coalition: September 2014.

Working Group Membership: Portugal takes part in the Coalition’s Foreign Terrorist Fighter Working Group (FTFWG), D-ISIS Political Military Consultations (PMC) and Africa Focus Group (AFFG).










highly experienced trainers deployed in Iraq

May 2015

Portugal joined the CJTF-OIR in May 2015

Taskforce Besmayah

Portugese trainers work with the Iraqi Security Forces assigned to Task Force Besmayah

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