Portugal joined Operation Inherent Resolve Coalition in May 2015 with 30 highly experienced trainers possessing a wide range of capabilities in such areas as: movement and maneuver, intelligence, fires, force protection, logistics, mission command and leadership training.

Portugal’s primary mission is to support CJTF-OIR in Iraq, providing training to the Iraqi Security Forces assigned to Task Force Besmayah. Portuguese officers also support the Coalition’s Headquarters in Kuwait and subordinate headquarters in Baghdad.

The professionalism and commitment of Portuguese forces ensures the highest quality training to support operations to bring about the enduring defeat of Daesh in the region.


highly experienced trainers deployed in Iraq

May 2015

Portugal joined the CJTF-OIR in May 2015

Taskforce Besmayah

Portugese trainers work with the Iraqi Security Forces assigned to Task Force Besmayah

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