The Kingdom of the Netherlands is an active partner in the Global Coalition against Daesh. It participates in all Coalition Working Groups and co-leads the Working Group on Foreign Terrorist Fighters together with Kuweit and Turkey. It contributes to a better future for Iraq providing military support, humanitarian aid, funding de-mining operations and supporting stabilisation and reconstruction of liberated areas.

We see Daesh claiming attacks in a split second to increase fear amongst our people. This fear, with often an increasing divide between different groups in society as a result, puts countries under immense pressure. This again shows us why today we still need to keep striving for a balanced approach and stay focused on prevention as well.

Mr. Stef Blok, Minister of Foreign Affairs


F-16 fighter planes contribute to the Coalition air campaign over Iraq and Eastern Syria


in mostly unearmarked humanitarian assistance in response to Iraq and Syria crises since 2012.

A surgical team

provides medical care at Al Asad airbase near Baghdad, along with US, UK, Norwegian and Danish partners

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