Since 2019 Lithuania has taken part in the Global Coalition against Daesh. Lithuania currently deploys 30 soldiers to the mission – 2 soldiers are serving at the mission’s headquarters at the US military base in Baghdad and a detachment of 28 troops is performing force protection tasks as part of the Danish Mobile Protection Company. The parliamentary mandate currently in force allows deployment of up to 50 civilian and military personnel in the Global Coalition against Daesh.

As a member of the Global Coalition against Daesh, Lithuania took part in the US-led Operation in Iraq, Operation Inherent Resolve, with a constant contribution of six military instructors training local security forces. Lithuanian military personnel were deployed to the Danish Contingent in the north-western part of Iraq, Al-Asad air base. This contribution was withdrawn when all training activities were suspended due to COVID-19, and Denmark started preparations to assume operational leadership over the NATO Mission in Iraq. Overall, 50 soldiers participated in the operation.

The main objective being total defeat of Daesh, Lithuania also seeks to contribute to broader international efforts to address the global threat of terrorism.

Terrorism cannot be eradicated unilaterally. The Global Coalition against Daesh provides an indispensable opportunity for the international community to bring together knowledge, best practices, capabilities, and expertise to eradicate the scourge of violent extremism.

Participation in multinational operations is an important element of Lithuania’s commitment to international security, including NATO collective defence efforts and the EU military cooperation initiatives.

Lithuania has been a member of the Coalition since its formation on 3 December 2014.

Working Group Membership: Lithuania is a member of the Communications Working Group.

Social media handle and official website:

Twitter: @Lithuanian_MoD, @LithuaniaMFA
FaceBook: Foreign Office, Ministry of National Defense
YouTube: National Defence


Lithuanian military trainers deployed to Al-Asad Airbase in Iraq to train Iraqi defence forces


in vital UN, EU and regional humanitarian relief efforts in the Middle East


in urgent medical supplies provided to Iraq in September 2015

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