Latvia has been a member of the Global Coalition since September 2014 and is an active partner in four of the Coaliton’s Working Groups: preventing the flow of foreign terrorist fighters, countering the financing of terrorism, strategic communications, and the military campaign.

The issue of foreign fighters is becoming ever more complicated, in light of their ability to move from one zone of the conflict to another, as they become professional mercenaries. It’s important to understand that these combatants are not fighting for peace, they are fostering further development of conflict.

Mr. Edgars Rinkēvičs, Minister of Foreign Affairs


in contribution to UN funds in support of humanitarian relief to those affected by the crisis in the region.


Latvian instructors have been deployed to train company-level Iraqi Security Forces.


members of the Council of Europe signed the RIGA PROTOCOL on 22 October 2015 aimed at preventing and suppressing terror acts as well as the flow of foreign terrorist fighters.

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