The Republic of Iraq is at the front line of the war against the terrorism of Daesh, and works with its partners in the Coalition to defeat Daesh militarily and to stabilise and rebuild liberated areas.

Since the summer of 2014, Iraq has pushed back Daesh and liberated several cities and towns, clearing entire provinces of Daesh gangs. Thousands of brave Iraqis have given their lives in defence of the nation and their sacrifices have enabled hundreds of thousands of citizens to return home.

2015 was a year of victories and liberation of large areas, and only small areas remain under Daesh. We are determined to liberate Mosul and expel the last remnants of Daesh from Iraq. We continue to work with our friends from the international community and the Global Coalition Against Daesh to achieve this goal.

Dr. Haider Al-Abadi, Former Prime Minister of Iraq


of territory held by Daesh has been retaken by Iraqi forces (as of Feb 2017)

Over 1.5m

people have returned to their homes in areas liberated by Iraqi forces.

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