The European Union

The European Union is committed to countering the threat of Daesh and has adopted a wide and comprehensive set of measures to do so. The EU’s participation as a non-military partner in the Global Coalition to counter Daesh has increased cooperation with countries in the region on counterterrorism, and has led to the development of a large range of projects on counter radicalisation, domestic and border security. The EU is a leading global donor in the response to the Syria and Iraq crises.

Key projects in Iraq:

Stabilisation efforts are a key part of the EU’s engagement in Iraq, with funding in 2020 amounting to €21.5 million (which includes the following):

  • €7 million to UNMAS for Explosive Hazard Management.
  • €3.5 million in support of digitisation of evidentiary material held by Iraqi national authorities in support of investigative work of UNITAD.
  • €11 million for the EU Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis directed to UN Habitat Ninewa Urban recovery project and Sinjar Hospital.

The EU co-chairs with UNMAS the Explosive Hazards Management (EHM) sub-working group, under the Stabilisation Working group.

Working Group Membership:

Communications (including The Daesh and Mainstream Media Action Group and The Social Media and Digital Action Group); Stabilisation; Foreign terrorist fighters; Counter terrorist financing, Global Counter Terrorism Forum.

Social media handle and official website:

Twitter: @eu_eeas

Facebook: @EuropeanExternalActionService

Instagram: @eudiplomacy


Countering Daesh

€1.7 billion for EU regional strategy for Syria and Iraq as well as the Daesh threat.


€36.8 million in stabilisation support committed to North East Syria (demining, irrigation, primary health, prevention of radicalisation and recruitment of young boys and girls by the remnants of Da’esh through the delivery of protection services and psycho-social support.

Overall figures

In Syria and neighbouring refugee-hosting countries, the EU has committed €24.9 billion in assistance in response to the Syria conflict over the past decade. In Iraq, the EU has provided over €1.3 billion of financial assistance since 2014.

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